“i am undoing you

from my skin”

pg 112 milk and honey

Rupi Kaur

When you’re with someone a long time, they become raveled up in who you are. I’ve been looking for a word for it, this unraveling, but that just sounds like a sweater and I am whole. I’m not destroyed, just needing to start over. A little broken, but getting better. Unfucking our lives has come to mind a few times, but still not right. Pulling apart is all wrong. Separating sounds to clinical.

I’m gonna go with undoing. It sounds like a bed that needs remade with different sheets. She is still there in my skin, its fading, but sometimes I still feel it. I feel sad when I say it, but I am, I am undoing her from my skin, one day at a time. I feel better, like it’s easier to breath with each passing day.


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