“Ma’am!” It wasn’t a shout exactly, but it was loud enough for me and everyone else in line to hear. “Head over to lane 6 please.”

But there was no kindness in the please. Startled I made my way over, thinking maybe the cashier was about to go on break. The line she had directed me to was twice as long. Once there another gentleman oddly offered me his spot in line but I wasn’t in any hurry so I waved him on with my thanks. Kindness should always be thanked. 

Now having lots of time I looked back at the original cashier line, watching for her to turn her register light off, but it didn’t  happen. More people got in her line which cycled through twice before I got to the front of mine. 

Meanwhile, my cashier was abholled. He knew what was happening and was quick to apologize. Only then did I look at her; mid fifties and unpleasant disposition.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been discriminated against, and now that’s twice in 2 days. Yesterday a woman at a restaurant shook her head at me and said “so mannish”. I guess the haircut is doing what I feared it would do, it’s like a neon light for those close minded enough to look saying LESBIAN. People don’t have to guess or find out the fun way anymore, they just know. 

I could be angry, make a big fuss, tell her manager but she looks like a grandmother and that scowl speaks rough life. I could blame Trump for creating a social atmosphere where being openly nasty to minority’s is allowed and encouraged. I could assume I deserve this treatment, I look gay and go forth knowing some people don’t like us. 


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