Like Voldemort 

So while sleep deprived, I was talking with an army buddy about exes. Somehow we got onto the subject of my colorful past and the different types of women I’ve dated. That part wasn’t terribly interesting (no offense exes) so I’ll skip to the end. As she was getting up to go to bed my buddy noticed I’d left the conversation and was stuck inside my head. Thinking I was imagining attractive females, she made a comment about getting home and doing something about it.

“I’m never dating again.” I shouted stubbornly, pulled from my melancholy musings. 

“Yeah right! That doesn’t mean you can’t have a one night stand!” She laughed.

I pondered that for a moment (this suggestion has come up a few times lately with a few different friends) and shook my head. “I feel like it’s like Voldemort and I lose a tiny piece of my soul with every one I’ve been with or loved.”

She got oddly quiet for a moment. “Do me a favor and post that somewhere so I can steal and repost it.”

“I’m hoping they’ll grow back in time, I’m pretty sure they do actually but it takes a long while.” I finished my thought.

There you have it, my most profound statement of the year. My brain will now be closed for renovation until further notice.


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