My Favorite Teacher 

I have mentions this teacher before in this post here, but let me tell you he must want to go down in history as the most passive aggressive, pissy fellow yet.

Week 12 of class:

“So I don’t think I will allow computers in class while I lecture.” He announced.

“I take my notes this way.” I explained.

“Yeah I think too many people are doing other things.”

“So I can’t take note with the computer this school gave me? I didn’t even bring pen and paper.” 

“Oh I’ll get you some!” And he came back with paper. Which I then had to give to two other people.

Lecture started.

“Can you go back? I’m not done writing from that slide.” I have to inform him for the 3rd time.

“Wow you guys are making me suffer for making you write by hand!”

“It takes me longer to write things out, basic physics.” Snark evident in my voice.

And then he changed the slide anyway before I got 3 words down.


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