Brilliant Ideas: 2

“Mmmmooooooooommmmm! Will you please get us breakfast burritos?!”

Considering we now are fighting with the eldest about eating breakfast (I caught her making a bee line for the coffee the other day without eating) I was all for something they could all agree on and be excited about eating. My gf went to the store but returned with only two packs, the store was running out and she took the last they had (4 burritos in total). Immediately the kids started to move in on the food.

“No! It’s a breakfast food, you can only have them for breakfast.” We preemptively announce.

“Fine!” The chorus of children shout back.

“One per kid per day!” I added, having already caught my middle kid making himself three one morning past.

“Fine!” They shouted back again.

Morning 1

“Did you guys eat?” I asked as I stumbled down stairs an hour or two after them.

“Yes, we each had a burrito.” The boys explained.

The eldest was not in sight. She appeared an hour or two later angry at the morning and stumbling for the coffee.

“Breakfast and a large cup of water before you can have your half cup of coffee. We say this every day.” I reminded. She shot me the ‘adults are so annoying’ look and went toward the pantry.

“Why don’t you have your burrito.” I suggested, knowing there would be an explosion tomorrow if she had forgotten.

The first smile appeared.

Later that day, my middle kid with his impulsive honestly found me.

“I’m going to wake up before the others so I can have that last burrito tomorrow.” He told me conspiringly. I smiled and nodded but promptly forgot about it.

Morning 2

I came downstairs to all three children and was amazed and touched, thinking maybe they wanted to spend the morning before my surgery with me. That dream was out the window as the older two promptly buried themselves in their phones. Instead I watched a movie with my youngest. About half way through I noticed my eldest had fallen asleep curled up into a ball. Later I inquired as to why she was so tired.

“I woke up at 6 am so I could beat the boys to the last burrito.”

To my credit I did not laugh in her face. She has since been unpleasant, as tiredness usually causes. So lessons learned, if I want me eldest up at a reasonable time, offer food. It’s fun when I get glimpses of how we are similar.


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